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15.05.2006, 15:30
Changes made from version 3.00 to 3.10:

Break track up into two parts if user turns Forerunner 301 off in the middle of a run.
Don't allow max HR to be 0.
Improve custom target values for workouts.
When viewing workouts, use speed/pace settings for current workout not current sport.
Improved conversion of high and low end speed and pace values.
Allow nRoute to display maps that have been unlocked for this device.
Fix problem with Data Page Auto Switch not showing Lap Timer Page.
Don't allow more than the max number of steps in a workout.
Fix problem with constantly pausing and resuming at certain Autopause values.
Improved handling of stopping Virtual Partner after a Reset.
Fixed problem where Flag could not be selected for a waypoint symbol.
Improved Swedish translations.